Filling of a centrifugal casting machine

Since 1936, Dillenberg GmbH & Co. KG has been a pioneer in the manufacture of non-ferrous bearing seats and bushes as well as worm gear transmissions via the centrifugal casting process. Continued advancement accounts for the high degree of technical development which today makes us one of the leading suppliers in this segment.



Over the years, centrifugal casting has evolved to become our most important casting method. Today, we manufacture all tubular and circular parts using a special technique in water-cooled machines. This helps us attain extraordinary quality and wear characteristics.






Melt in a centrifugal casting machine

Technical configuration:

  • Horizontal centrifuges
  • Chill mould diameter: Ø 75 – 1425 mm
  • Gross casting length: 260 – 1050 mm
  • Maximum casting weight: 2,300 kg